Monday, 5 October 2015

Water. The best medicine ever?

“You’re not sick; You’re thirsty” – Dr F Batmanghelidj

       A warm and sunny Sunday afternoon and I should be tidying the garden. Instead, I’m sitting at my desk (or at least what passes for one) trying to summon up suitably refreshing words to share an astonishing discovery with my followers and friends.
       So here it is. ….cool, clear, totally transparent and straight out of the tap.

       That’s right. Water.
       A guy called Phil put me onto it – or, at least, reminded me how beneficial H2O can be. Phil is an alternative therapist who practices bio-resonance, harnessing electro-magnetic frequencies to attack and obliterate harmful parasites, viruses and bacteria. All quite painless, I assure you, having had this treatment myself, but not this time.        
       On this occasion, it is my 80+ friend Doreen who is being scanned. She’s lying on a very comfy chair and holding a short metal rod in each hand. These are conductors, designed to hunt down any unwelcome ‘squatters’ in her body so they can then be zapped into oblivion.
       Sitting behind a desk, Phil is monitoring his electro-magnetic machine. It seems Doreen has a water infection. “You’re also badly dehydrated,” he says, “need to drink more water.”
       “Ah, water!” I exclaim. As Doreen’s designated driver, I was allowed in to take notes of anything Doreen might not remember - though, truth be told, despite being older than me, her brain’s a lot sharper. But hey, two heads are better than one.
       “Yes, water,” says Phil, warming to his theme, “It’s the best therapy you can have. You’d be amazed how many conditions it can alleviate and even cure. There was a man in here a while ago with kidney problems…..shrunken like raisins they were.  Doctors had told him he’d need dialysis but all he really needed was water. I gave him a pint to drink, then another and another and, by the time he’d finished, his kidneys were working properly. The water plumped them up.”
       “Would that work on wrinkles?” I ask.
       “Oh yes,” Phil nods. “Water plumps up the skin like nothing else well as keeping you healthier. In Ireland, the word whiskey means ‘water of life’. Keeps the brain working too.” He then told us about an elderly relative who lived in a nursing home. “Alzheimers,” he explains. “When I go to see her she doesn’t recognise me at first, so I get a glass of water, stick in a straw and say, ‘Here’s the drink you asked for, Grandma’. She’ll have a few sips then push it away, and a minute later I’ll pass it back to her. ‘Here’s that drink you asked for’, and just keep giving her more.   Eventually she’ll look at me and say ‘Hello, love!’ It’s the water, you see? Without it, the brain shrinks.
       ‘Most people don’t realise how dehydrated they are. The brain doesn’t tell you when you need water, so by the time you feel thirsty, you’re already dangerously dehydrated.
       ‘Do you know….” Phil leans forward earnestly. “…..more people die of drowning in the desert than from lack of water?  True! Most people found dead have water with them. And the older you are, the less thirsty you become, the less water you drink and the more the brain is impaired. Tea and coffee don’t help much…they’re diuretics and you just don’t get the same benefit. It has to be pure water to make any difference.”
       “So how much should you drink a day?” I ask.
       ‘For an adult - 3 pints per day - minimum. I have a good 8 pints myself, one before I even get out of bed and I keep drink water with every meal. It detoxes the system, sharpens your mind and helps you stay young.”
       That's convinced me! “Is there any more information on water?”
       “There’s a doctor with a strange first name….something like Doctor Batman*….anyway, he’s written a book about water and its many health benefits. Google it and you’ll find out why the Irish call it the water of life!”
       Which I do as soon as I get home. ‘Doctor Batman’ is Fereydoon Batmanghelidj (b.1931 - d.2004) an Iranian from a wealthy family who was imprisoned after the revolution in 1979. Though sentenced to death, he was spared in order to treat his fellow inmates at Evin Prison. During this incarceration he discovered the merits of water, having no other therapy available, and was so amazed by the results, he later wrote “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water” which claims that chronic dehydration is the root cause of many ailments. This controversial view has had its detractors, of course, but Dr Batmanghelidj stuck to his guns and his findings.
       In his opinion, a dry mouth is not one of the first symptoms of dehydration but one of the last. He further stated that people’s ability to recognise thirst decreases with age. As a result, they drink less and age even faster.
       Some medical conditions Dr Batmaghelidj claimed could be alleviated by water include:
Asthma, allergies, obesity, high blood cholesterol, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, hypertension, confusion, memory loss, depression, chronic fatigue, lack of energy, problems sleeping, addiction, osteoporosis, leukaemia, lymphoma, hot flushes, gout, kidney stones, attention deficit.
       Dr Batmanghelidj also asserted that dehydration could contribute to cancer and auto-immune disorders, including AIDS.
       How true these claims are is open to debate. For me, it makes sense that drinking more can, at the very least, cleanse and hydrate the body. At worst, it will certainly not do any harm.
       So have one on me….at least 3 times a day…..and see if it makes a difference!

Monday, 28 September 2015

Super Blood Moon. Is the End Nigh?

Much brouhaha about the latest Supermoon eclipse, with many people wondering "Could this signify the End?"

If the prospect has you choking on your coffee, it's worth bearing in mind that, according to Jesus in his great prophecy about the End Times, "no one knows the day or the hour". He did however highlight several signs which would alert us to the nearness of a 'great tribulation' culminating in Armageddon. (Matthew chapter 24)

And, using Bible chronology along with these signs and related prophecies, students have pinpointed 1914 as the beginning of these 'Last Days' which mark the end of the 'Gentile Times' and a catastrophic period in human history. (Revelation 12:9-12)

Other scriptures describing these Last Days and the 'Sign of Christ's presence' include 1 Timothy 3:1-5; Revelation 6:1-8 and Revelation 13:13-16. So if you really want to know the 'whys' and 'hows', get your Bible out or read it online.

As for the 'when'....all we can know with any certainty is that it will be very, very soon, as almost all the prophecies relating to the end have been fulfilled.  Endtime prophecies still to happen are:

 A gathering together of world rulers who will strengthen the UN - to give it 'teeth' as it were. (Rev 16:14; Rev 13: 14-18)

A notable cry of 'Peace & security'. (1 Thess 5:3)

World powers turning on world religion to its total destruction. (Rev 17:16,17; Rev chapter 18), followed by the outbreak of the Grest Tribulation mentioned in Matthew 24:21.

Will this mean the end of the literal planet? earth? You'll be glad to learn the answer is 'no'. (Psalm 104:5). On the contrary, Revelation 11:18 states that destruction will come to those 'ruining the earth' and that the meek will inherit the earth with the prospect of living forever upon it. (Psalm 37:10,11,29)

For further information check out:

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Has belief in evolution benefited mankind?

       It was the ’must-have’ book of the Century. Everyone who was anyone felt duty-bound to buy, read and comment on this game-changing tome.
       To say Charles Darwin’s ‘Origin of Species’ rocked the earth is putting it mildly. Since its publication in November 1859, Darwin’s theory has been more fiercely debated than almost any other subject. Although creationists viewed the concept as blasphemous, evolution has rapidly become one of the world’s fastest growing belief systems.
       But has its worldwide acceptance benefited mankind? Or could it actually have caused, or at the very least exacerbated, many of our problems?
       Twenty-five years after the book hit the shelves, an illustrious group of European statesmen sat down together at the Conference of Berlin and systematically carved up Africa, with catastrophic effect. To what extent did Darwin’s theory influence this conference?
       Surely, the appalling arrogance of these men - who referred undiplomatically to their theme as the ‘Burden of Africa’ - was at best Imperialistic and at worst downright racist. The delegates held that, as Africans were ‘uncivilised’ by European standards, they were therefore inferior - an implicit assumption which Darwin’s book  -  “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life” to give it its full title – did nothing to dispel.
       The same assumption helped fuel the Holocaust, with Nazis viewing non-Arian minorities, such as Jews and Romanians, as sub-human - to such a degree that mass extermination of these groups could be carried out with no qualms whatsoever….all to further the Master Race!
       At the other extreme, Stalin and his cronies found the godlessness of Darwin’s theory extremely useful. One of his first policies was to dismantle religion, that ‘opiate of the masses’, forcing Eastern Bloc residents to regard communism as the only acceptable way to think.
       And, generally speaking, belief in evolution has done little to make us nicer, kinder or less selfish. The ’Me’ generation flourished all the more in the belief that this life’s all there is - “Eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we die!” as the Stoics would say. Meanwhile, the absence of accountability to anyone but oneself and one’s own desires has led to casual relationships, unwanted children, broken families, gratuitous violence, greed, selfishness and pride.
       Lack of belief in a Creator has also caused psychological problems. No matter how many refuse to accept it, every human has a spiritual need which we neglect at our peril.  When this need is unaddressed, people will do one of two things: Live for the moment, focusing purely on physical pleasures and goals, or search for some purpose and meaning to their lives, a search which can sometimes lead to occult practices, exploitation, religious fraud and unscrupulous cults.
       With its poor track record, world religion as a whole has turned many sincere people away. But, like the Emperor’s New Clothes, evolution also bears a heavy responsibility for the evils we face.

Watch out Dads! The Runaway Children are in danger!

       He couldn’t have been more than 2 years old, a golden-haired cherub in a superman outfit, hopping, skipping, jumping and taking flight in his imagination. From our vantage point on a bench outside Morrisons, my friend and I watched his  antics with that soppy look certain women of a certain age tend to get when kittens, puppies or persons under 3ft tall drift into view.
       Within seconds, however, those ‘ahh how cute’ expressions disappeared and strangled cries of terror took their place!
       “Stop!” I cried, my eyes focused on the kerb to which the tot was hurtling. “Little boy, stop! STOP! STO-O-O-OP!” By now he was travelling at warp speed, oblivious to the traffic, and I leapt forward hoping against hope I could make the kerb in time. 
       Whether he heard me, or perhaps had a supersonic radar system built into his brain, the boy stopped - millimetres from a rapidly approaching Range Rover. I started breathing again and flopped back onto the bench just as Daddy sauntered by, with nothing to burden him besides his plastic Morrisons carrier bags. He turned towards me briefly with a bemused smile on his face, wondering no doubt why this strange woman had been shrieking at the top of her voice. By the time he joined his son at the kerb, he’d obviously forgotten the incident and strode purposefully across the road, leaving the boy to follow in his wake.
       Now, some Dads will wonder what I’m rabbiting on about. If that includes you, ask a Mum. No mother I’ve ever known would let a toddler either run ahead or lag behind. Even if loaded down with bags, trolleys or other youngsters, the average Mum will try to keep her children by her side, either by holding their hands, putting them  in reins, or gluing them to the pushchair.
       Take holidays, for instance. You rarely see Mum with her nose in a book, or snoozing on a sunbed, texting their friends or going for a solitary walk along the sands. Don’t believe me? Next time you’re on a beach, watch how Mums stay focused on their children. “Don’t go too far” she’ll warn if they’re paddling in the sea. “Don’t wander off” “Put your hat back on, you’ll burn” “You need more sunscreen” etcetera. Constantly on the alert. 
       Then watch the Dads. See how relaxed they are. It’s not that they don’t care, you understand, or that they’re not prepared to lend a hand when necessary. After all, who pumps up the rubber arm-bands? Or gets the gas-stove working? Or catches fish for tea?
       And, of course, Dads love their children. It’s just that, unlike Mums, they’ve no imagination. They never seem to see the DANGERS! (It’s the same when driving, but that’s another blog)
       Whenever I see a Dad out with his children, there’s always one who’ll be running ahead, out of sight, skipping on and off the pavement, wobbling perilously near busy main roads, tumbling down river banks, climbing up trees or over railings or balancing on walls. Activities that give Mums mental breakdowns are mere adventures where Dads are concerned. 
       So Dads, if you ever feel Mum is being over protective, just remember this proverb: “Shrewd is the one who has seen the calamity and proceeds to conceal himself”. In other words, think ahead, assess the dangers and please, please, please keep an eye on the children!



Saturday, 11 July 2015

Locked-in stroke survivor helps others have hope

       Two and a half years ago, I received a phone call from my nephew Dan. 'Please could I help his great friend Peter to publish a book on his experiences with and recovery from Locked-in syndrome?'

      Following a massive brain stem stroke which almost killed him, Peter Coghlan awoke from a coma totally paralysed, unable to move anything except for his eyes.  He was entombed by Locked-in syndrome (LIS), an extremely rare and little understood condition which may affect severe stroke or brain injury sufferers.

       Of course I would help. Who could refuse to share in such a remarkable story….that of a young man breaking free from his own body! Over the next few months of emailing, skyping and editing his writings, I came to know Peter very well – well enough to realise he was a very special person.

       But I didn’t appreciate just HOW special he was until I read the following email in response to a recent heartfelt plea from Peter – that his story be remembered for the benefit of other stroke and locked-in survivors. His refusal to accept that he would never walk or talk again resulted in the fastest known recovery from locked-in syndrome previously recorded, giving hope and inspiration to other survivors who, like Peter, refuse to lie down!

To All General and Neurological Practitioners, Hospitals, Stroke Specialists, Therapists and Stroke Support Groups worldwide:

“Peter Coghlan has done so much to inspire other stroke survivors.  He is a role model for "life after stroke" and must be the one in a million to live to tell the tale.

I have read Jean-Dominique Bauby's book: 'The Diving Bell and the Butterfly' (but how many have?) and he never recovered his full mobility or lived long enough to jump hurdles and return to the workforce.* 

Peter's book: 'In the Blink of an Eye' is a true account of the devastation to the lives of all stroke survivors.  Our group has been touched by his story and his dedication to assist others on a voluntary basis at hospitals in Perth WA.

Invite him over to speak at your conferences.  Use living images so that others can marvel in the technology that saved his life.”

Sally Allen (Coordinator/Secretary/Founder Member)
The Northern Suburbs Stroke Support Group inc.

*Peter Coghlan now runs a gardening service, cycles, competes in marathons and plays the guitar! Not bad for a man few thought would ever walk, talk or do anything other than blink his eyes again!

“In the Blink of an Eye” by Peter Coghlan is available from Amazon and Smashwords


You can follow Peter's continuing progress by visiting his website

From complete helplessness........

To pumping iron!

Thursday, 18 June 2015

The Runaway Children join the jet set!

A typical narrow boat or barge moored along the Peak Canal 

"Quick!" cried Jo "Switch on the engine!" Miles ran to the back of the barge and slipped the key into the lock. As soon as he turned it, the barge set off at an amazingly spanking pace for such a heavy vessel. Roots had just untied the rope from its mooring and was now trotting alongside with it on the towpath.
"Hey! That's them!" bawled one of the trench coats and started running towards the Judith Rose.
 "They've seen us!" Roots yelled.  "Press the Booster, Miles!"  He was just about to hop on board as Miles touched the large red button. This caused the barge to lunge forward at such an incredible speed, it yanked the unfortunate Roots off the towpath. "Sack this!!" he hollered, clinging desperately to the rope, his feet wafting in the air behind him. "Sack this for a Kleenex full of bogies!"
"Supersonic!" whooped Miles and he waved his fist above his head as the barge blazed along the canal, sending ducks and fishermen diving for cover. "Wit woos!"
Meanwhile, Roots had recovered his balance sufficiently to press his heels into the water and lean backwards like a skier. "Look at me!" he cried, jubilantly. "I've joined the jet set!"

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Turning a hose on hell

       Whoever thinks Manchester lacks colour has never been to Market Street on a Friday afternoon!  From Piccadilly Station, visitors can either opt for the tram or set off down the station approach. Either way brings you into Piccadilly with its bus station, water features, hotels,  cafés, a variety of market stalls and an army of highly trained market researchers aka folk-trying-to-sell-you-stuff if you’ll only stand still long enough! Most Mancunians have learned to zigzag, military style, so as to avoid them.

       Walking in a straight line brings you onto Market Street shopping centre where several buskers take turns to entertain passers-by. On this particular day, a young man with an excellent voice and cut-glass accent belts out ballads accompanied by his guitar.  It must be his turn, as at other times we’re treated to a (not so tuneful) musician with some kind of synthesiser who plays 60s hits over and over and over again. But even his continuous rendition of ‘Apache’ by the Shadows is preferable to what follows on this baking hot afternoon.

       The young singer completes his repertoire, leaving the site free for the street preachers…..and today there are not just one, but TWO groups of them, both with loudspeakers and a determination for everyone to repent. The first group features a couple of visiting preachers from the States who talk a lot about hellfire but very, very little about  what we actually need to do to avoid it!

       Further along the street are two pairs of Jehovah’s Witnesses, holding out books, brochures and Watchtower and Awake magazines with serene smiles. They’ve been conducting this form of ministry since October 2013 and most people have got used to seeing them with their carts, passing them by with barely a glance. Occasionally, there’s a nod or a smile or an eager hand reaching to take the proffered literature.  Even more occasionally, someone may stop for a chat – friendly or otherwise – but communication is rarely if ever initiated by the witnesses who stand, quietly and patiently during 4 hour stints.

       Such a lot has changed in Manchester over the years: so many colours, cultures and languages, nationalities from all over the world.  No wonder preachers view the city centre as fertile ground – it certainly offers more potential than most churches these days!  However, there’s a tactful way to represent the Lord and a NOT so tactful way. A young Muslim family pass by as one of the preachers starts dismissing  the Koran along with the entire Islamic religion.  The husband stops, walks back to the Jehovah’s Witnesses and takes their magazines…..possibly as a ‘statement’. Whether the evangelists have noticed this small act of ‘defiance’ is debatable, but one of their crew approaches the JWs and attempts to start a debate, only to be ambushed by another man – unconnected with either religion - who wades in against the evangelist! The JWs are now free to distribute more literature without hindrance and further hellfire threats.

       Meanwhile even more fire and brimstone is being breathed by the second group of preachers, attracting quite a crowd. A blonde woman who claims to be a lesbian is yelling fiercely at the main speaker who is just as fiercely yelling back at her, both being roundly condemned by the other; the preacher to the hate crime police, the lesbian to hellfire on Judgement Day. At least she’ll have company, as (according to the speaker) most of us are going there anyway!

       Or are we? Will we all be engulfed by perpetual flames? Does hell as portrayed by many denominations actually exist? In order to find the answers, let’s examine the source of such beliefs:

       Cue Ancient Babylon, home of Nimrod and many uncanny practices still in use today. Fortune-telling, omen-spotting, entrails-reading, runes, star-gazing and communing with the dead all have their roots in this magic-obsessed city. Incidentally, Babylon also invented the fiscal system, which, considering recent history, some may regard as the ultimate nightmare!

       Ironically, atheists’ refusal to believe in a separate, invisible soul is backed up by scripture.  Here, death is clearly shown to be a state of total unconsciousness, a dreamless sleep from which, according to several Bible verses (particularly the Lazarus account) people will ‘awake’ to a physical resurrection when paradise is restored on earth.

“There is no dichotomy [division] of body and soul in the O[ld] T[estament]….The term nepeš [ne’phesh], though translated by our word soul, never means soul as distinct from the body or the individual person….The term [psy-khe’] is the N[ew] T[estament] word corresponding with nepeš. It can mean the principle of life, life itself, or the living being.” – New Catholic Enyclopedia

       The Mosaic Law did not allow for any form of spiritism whatsoever - in fact it was forbidden on pain of death for the nation of Israel - and it wasn’t until Greece began to stride the world stage that afterlife philosophies began to take root.

       In the fourth century CE, the Roman Emperor Constantine, unable to quell the rise of Christianity by other means and determined to unite his empire, cunningly  infused original gospel teachings with pagan beliefs such as the immortality of the soul, the trinity doctrine,  and – that most terrifying concept of all – eternal hellfire! The Biblical word rendered as ‘hell’ in many versions simply means ‘grave’ or  ‘death’. (Hebrew - sheol; Greek - Hades)

“The belief that the soul continues its existence after the dissolution of the body is a matter of philosophical or theological speculation rather than of simple faith, and is accordingly nowhere expressly taught in Holy Scripture.” – The Jewish Enyclopedia

       Constantine’s ‘miraculous conversion’ marked the beginning of the Holy Roman Empire from which the rest of Christendom developed, combining Bible accounts with Babylonish rites and practices while keeping generations of adherents in ignorance. The Dark Ages had truly begun and the Bible was unavailable to the majority of people until the 16th century when William Tyndale translated the Bible from the Latin Vulgate into English. His aim - for ‘even a plowboy’ to understand scripture - was not appreciated by the church; hardly surprising as, from the Vatican to house churches, Christendom has done more than any other organisation to promote spiritistic practices. According to one spiritualist I met some years ago, “the church already preaches life after death – all mediums do is prove it!”

       What harm does it do? Well, for one thing, the whole concept of life after death is a cruel deception, especially for people who have lost a loved one. Believing they can communicate through a spiritualist medium can lead to all kinds of fraud and extortion; even if the medium is basically well-meaning, it can still open the floodgates to a very dangerous world.

“….The nether world… pictured as a place full of horrors, and is presided over by gods and demons of great strength and fierceness.” – The Religion of Babylonia and Assyria, Boston, 1998, Morris Jastrow, Jr)

       But the worst sin to my mind is the reproach beliefs such as hellfire and purgatory create towards God. Would a loving Father, even a sinful human one, hold a child against a fire until he screamed in agony? Is being damned to everlasting torture even just for the amount of sinning humans can fit into their three-score years and ten?

       I doubt it.

PS. Just want to point out, although the dead are 'conscious of nothing' (Ecc 9:5), according to scripture death is a temporary state from which there'll be a resurrection to life on earth - potentially forever! (John 11:11; John 5:28) Death is the penalty for our sins and, having already paid the price, resurrected ones return with a clean slate (Romans 6:7 & 23) with the prospect of living forever.