Friday, 14 October 2016

Exorcism on the rise. Why?

Talk about reaping what you sow.

The Catholic Church is bewailing the alarming increase in exorcisms, which, with over half a million calls for help in one year, are overwhelming the Vatican’s anti-demon squad of just 10 ‘trained exorcists’.*

In Italy, there are 10 million people desperate to evict these unpleasant squatters. Church leaders will doubtless blame Hollywood, psychics of every ilk and Harry Potter, but completely ignore the original source of spiritistic practices, the Holy Roman Empire’s own doctrine:

The immortality of the human soul.

Anyone who’s prepared to examine the Bible in any depth will find that this belief – that we all have a separate, invisible being within us that survives the body after death – is in no way supported by scripture. Death is described as a state of unconsciousness, a dreamless sleep, while the hope for the future is a physical resurrection to life on earth.

We don’t have souls – we ARE souls.

I hope all those sad, tormented people find the help they need and that, with accurate knowledge, will turn away from the occult.

As for the Church – along with virtually ALL world religions – they really should review their teachings which have misled the entire human race for so long.


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