Friday, 13 December 2013

Out of the mouth of babes - kid's 'Pantastic' reviews


Out of the mouths of babes….Children can be the harshest critics, but no one at the Sacred Heart Primary School at Presby, Byermoor had a bad word to say about Act1 Productions latest panto, “Peter Pantastic”. The pupils were even hooked on Pan’s mortal enemy, the villainous Captain! Here are some of their quotes:

“I liked Peter Pan the most” - Angus 

“I liked the panto, it was really funny. Me and my friends enjoyed it” – Cameron 

“It was very fun. I liked Captain Hook because he was very funny” - Jesse 

“Peter Pan is better than Captain Hook” - Hannah 

“Tinkerbell became Stinkerbell - really funny” - Andrew 

“It was excellent and exciting” - Ellie 

“It was great” - Tom 

“I thought it was fun” - Michaela 

“ I thought it was really, really funny when Captain Hook the pirate did 
 a roly poly” - Jacob. 

Other comments by schoolmates:

“I liked the blue and green fairy”

“I think it was so cool and amazing and funny”  

“I think that was the best panto ever!!!!!” 

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