Saturday, 13 April 2013

Flight from the Nunjas - Extract from The Runaway Children Vol 1

Extract 1
       "Sister Prism turned to the congregation and announced, "Let our devotions begin!" 
        Suddenly, the whole atmosphere changed from one of hushed reverence to charged energy. Most of the Nunjas formed a circle which two of them entered. This couple bowed to each other, held up their staffs in a ritualistic salute and then, accompanied by ear-splitting shrieks, threw themselves into a frenzied bout of gravity-defying leaps, kicks and parries, using their staffs, their agility, and even their feet to gain an advantage over their partner. It was a truly mesmerising display, both women swirling and somersaulting with grace. Even their frumpy frocks seemed elegant, transformed to the exotic robes of Samurai warriors.
       "They're like Ninjas!" whispered Joe. "That's right!" Odi replied. "Ninja nuns! Nunjas! Just look at them go!" And he chuckled to himself, enjoying the display. Joe, however, felt more fear then at any time since his capture. It wasn't so much the Kung Fu that disturbed him, although the sight of shrieking women hurling themselves around was bad enough. No, it was the image of the snake. If asked why, he couldn't have explained his feelings. He just didn't like the way his skin crawled whenever he looked at it. How he wished he could go home.
       Worse was to come, however. Sister Prism had taken to the floor and her fellow nunjas stopped their own activities to watch in awed silence. After a series of amazing feats, she was halfway through a stunning mid-air pirouette when Odi, bloated from his recent gorging in the larder, burped. Loudly.”

Extract 2

"I won't bow down to the snake," insisted Joe.
"Then I'll lock you in a cell with no food, no blankets, no windows until you scream and beg to come out! Only I won't let you. So, what is it to be, Joe?"
"Well?" There was no answer. "Boy, don't you realise I could break you in two with one chop of my hand? I will NOT be defied!"
"I don't care" Joe replied. "You can do what you like 'cos you're big and I'm small - but you can't make me do anything and no matter what you do or how horrid you are, I won't bow down to the snake! I won't! I won't! Not ever!" He folded his arms and set his jaw and even Sister Prism could see there'd be no forcing him.
"Very well" she said and paused to think for a moment." Seeing as you're probably tired and it's your first day, I'm going to be lenient with you. Tomorrow, however, we will come here again. When the clock strikes noon, our guests will bow to the divinity. Anyone who doesn't will be thrown into the Pit."
The other Nunjas gasped. "Oh no! Not the pit!" they cried, and began to shudder at the thought.

And here are some real nuns taking attackers to task!

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