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The Runaway Children Vol 3 - Showdown at Shivering Mountain

With his brother Joe and their friend Odi lost at sea, Miles keeps grief at bay by playing the market. Will he ever be as big a tycoon as his mentor, Alazon Smyle? Will Alice continue to Wow the A list or is she disillusioned by the high life? Can the hapless Captain Catastrophe ever find his way to Australia? And will the mysterious Bevis prove to be friend or foe to the Hadwin family?
Meanwhile, as the evil Elymas draws close to achieving his goal, and the vengeful Sister Prism remains hot on the heels of the children, Captain Catastrophe and his two young friends weigh anchor by an idyllic palm-fringed island - only to find the darkness lurking even here.
Packed with intrigue, travel and adventure, this third and final book in The Runaway Children series takes the reader from the South Pacific to the heart of Westminster before arriving at Fernlee Forest and the Derbyshire Peaks. Here, on top of the Shivering Mountain, one little boy faces his Nemesis in a thrilling climax.


Chapter 1 - Excerpt

If there was one thing Captain Catastrophe was good at, it was cooking, which was just as well considering his enormous appetite and the fact that there was very little else to do but eat. “What happens when we run out of food?” asked Odi between mouthfuls of a particularly tasty mutton stew. Captain Catastrophe paused briefly from chewing to ponder this question as though it had never occurred to him. “Oh, I expect we’ll be landing somewhere long before that happens,” he replied cheerfully. “Yes, I’m sure we shall.”
“But when?” Odi was beginning to wonder whether they’d ever see land again. “Seems like we’re just going round in circles.”
“Well, there’s always that possibility, I suppose,” mused the Captain, stroking his grizzled grey beard, “although I wonder how one could tell.”
“You mean we could be stuck in the sea forever!?” cried Joe, alarmed.
“No!” Captain Bob reassured him. “As long as we’re sailing in a straight line as the crow flies, we’re bound to end up somewhere, so eat up and stop worrying. Besides,” he continued after another pensive pause, “we could always catch fish.” If this was meant to set the boys’ minds at rest, it failed miserably. “I hate fish!” Odi protested, which was only partly true, as he’d eat anything as long as it was covered in batter and hot pepper sauce. As for Joe, all he really wanted now was to reach Australia, but from what he’d witnessed of Captain Catastrophe’s navigational skills so far, he didn’t see that happening any time soon. So it was a welcome surprise on going up on deck one morning to hear the Captain roaring with delight, “Dolphins! Look!” And he pointed towards the stern. “Oh-oh,” thought Odi. “I’ve heard that somewhere before.” Only this time, it was true. A school of dolphins were following the boat, leaping and prancing through the waves, showing off outrageously.
“We must be nearing land!” cried Captain Bob. “Watch the horizon, boys!” They peered intently ahead, willing the land to appear with all their might and were at last rewarded by a faint strip in the distance.
“Ahoy there!” everyone cried excitedly.
“Where do you think it is?” asked Joe.
“Oh, somewhere friendly, I hope!” The Captain was so pleased at having arrived anywhere, the exact location didn’t really matter. Besides, the mere sight of the island as it blossomed into view was enough to lift the saddest of spirits. Fringing the beach of perfect white-gold sands, palm trees and other exotic plants swayed in the warm breeze and beckoned invitingly. The waters surrounding this jewel were a clear turquoise rippling gently over reefs of spectacular coral. Joe and Odi had, of course, visited many islands during their voyage with Mr Smyle, but this was different. There was something magical about the place that took the breath away.

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