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The Runaway Children Volume 2 - The Astonishing Mr Smyle

"The Astonishing Mr Smyle"

Following on from my first volume, "Flight from the Nunjas", the next book in The Runaway Children trilogy is now available from Amazon and other ebook sites. This latest episode introduces Alazon Smyle, a man of truly astonishing wealth who promises to help the Hadwin children find their missing parents.

In the meantime, Alice, Miles and Joe, along with Odi Rogers and their friends from the forest - learn to live in the lap of luxury with fame and fortune on tap and as much conspicuous consumption as the world can offer.

But does having it all bring happiness? Will material riches make the children forget what really matters? Can they morph into A list celebs and still be nice people?

Read on and meet some extraordinary new characters: Justin Bieber's alter ego - Ricky Retch the rock star; superstar crew Digger Dogger Doo; Captain Catastrophe, the world's worst sailor; and, of course, the amazing, magnetising, truly astonishing Mr Smyle!

You can find out a lttle more about these characters here:

Captain Catastrophe
“I’m afraid you’ll have to be a little more specific, Joe, if I’m going to get you there,” said Captain Catastrophe. “My navigational skills are not so clever at the best of times.”
This, as it happened, turned out to be an understatement. In fact, it took the three of them at least half an hour to decide which way up the map should go. It then took another half hour to decide where Australia was, Joe having decided that was the country his parents were most likely to be in.
“Right!” exclaimed the Captain. “So at least we have the right continent."

Ricky Retch
"The very mention of that name set her heart quivering. Not only was Ricky Retch THE rock phenomenon of the twenty-first century, but his smouldering dark eyes and the carelessly tousled hair that curled adorably into his neck had catapulted him to the top of every young girl’s wish list.
“Huh!” replied Odi, for once stuck for a reply. “He coming to your party then?”
“Not only is he coming” crowed Alice, “but he’s giving a special, never-to-be repeated performance in my honour. He’s even written a song for me! So there!” Instantly, she regretted this last exclamation, realising, too late, it would merely encourage Odi to retaliate.
“What’s that then? ‘Bout how you fell out of the ugly tree?”
Alice smiled weakly. It was hard to get offended by this silly child when everyone, but everyone, admired her. Hadn’t she recently appeared on the cover of Vogue as the Face of the Future? "Yes, very witty, Odi. Now do be a dear and go away. I need my beauty sleep.”
“You can say that again!” Odi waited for the usual hard stare, but even this was a rare occurrence these days. Just how far did a guy have to go to insult somebody? Anyway, he wasn’t going to let things lie. “Well, if you have Ricky Retch, I’m going to have Digger Dogger Doo…”

Alazon Smyle
“Come on, Miles. Let’s see how good a financier you are. We’ll just log on here, take a look at our prospects and…..Eureka! We’ve bought a company.”
“Wow!” If Mr Smyle was trying to impress, he was succeeding. “Just like that?” said Miles.
“Just like that.” said Mr Smyle. “The ultimate reality game, one that makes you millions in minutes at the mere touch of a mouse. Here, you try.”
Miles needed no persuading. Five hours later, he was still there, having acquired several corporations and bought and sold most of the toys in Europe. Mr Smyle was delighted. “You have a definite flair for the market, Miles!” he remarked encouragingly. “I’ll have to make you a director.”

The Runaway Children Trilogy - all three books are now available for download:

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